Spice Services

1. We Stock and Source Obsolete Components

With more than one hundred thousand line items in stock and more available worldwide Spice Electronics can help you source components that are now obsolete.

Choose Spice Electronics for:

  • Obsolete electronic components
  • Obsolete semiconductors
  • Obsolete integrated circuits
  • Obsolete electronic parts
  • Obsolete active components
  • Obsolete passive components

2. We Stock and Source Hard to Find Components

Having partnerships with worldwide manufactures and distributors, Spice Electronics can source Electronic components that other suppliers may not have access to.

3. We Source components that are on a Long Lead Time

Spice Electronics can source stock from 27 other countries and suppliers. Stock that other companies and franchises may not have access to.

4. We source Military components

We Stock and source Mil-Spec, Industrial & Commercial Electronic Components.

We supply - Capacitors/Resistors/Diodes/transistors/Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits/Connectors /Coils / Chokes / Relays / Switches / Hardware/Breakers / Fuses /Sockets /Terminal Blocks / Tubes / Terminal Strips/LEDS / Bulbs / Lamps / Varistors / Rectifiers / Thyristors etc.

5. We offer Scheduling Services to provide JIT Delivery

Spice Electronics can schedule your orders as per your requirements. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the stock is reserved for you at the price agreed when the order was placed. The stock can also be pulled for a next day delivery once we have the stock in our warehouse.

6. We Stock and Source Alternative Parts

If there comes a point where the parts you are looking for are not available worldwide or are obsolete Spice Electronics will work with you to help you find an alternative.

7. We Source ROHS and non ROHS parts

8. Spice Buys your excess inventory

Spice Electronics not only stock or source electronic components for you but we also buy your surplus excess stock. It Helps our clients in getting rid of unwanted inventory and helps clean their warehouse. They get immediate payments and no ongoing liability. We have strong partnerships with small ,medium and large OEM's and have been helping them in finding most effective methods to manage and dispose their excess inventory of electronic components. Our expertise include buying excess commercial and military components.

9. We also Advertise your Excess Inventory Worldwide

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